Option Pathway

Option Pathway

Option Pathway is designed for students who have failed major core courses and are in the ninth, tenth, eleventh or twelfth grade. A second-semester junior or a senior must already be enrolled in and passing a CTE pathway unless the school has a CTE pathway that requires only one year to complete.
Students will earn a high school diploma and be counted as a graduate if they:

  • Attend TASC™ preparation classes and pass the TASC™ Tests as given.

  • Per Policy 2510, the Option student must successfully complete the four courses of an approved State Department Career Technical Education (CTE) program of study or complete a local concentration approved by the County Board of Education consisting of four related courses correlating to the student's Personalized Education Plan (PEP). Programs may vary depending on what is offered in your county. Students must also complete any other CTE requirements outlined in Policy 2510. 

  • Receive a 550 average on the TASC™ Tests to be eligible to apply for the PROMISE Scholarship.

The Option Pathway is a blend of Career Technical Education (CTE) courses and the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC™) Tests. The Option Pathway allows approved students to participate in the TASC™ testing program at approved locations without being withdrawn from an accredited high school. The Option Pathway student may receive a high school diploma according to the completion level of the program, per Policy 2444.4. If you are 16, 17, or 18 years old, you may be a candidate for Option Pathway.

Note: This program is voluntary and requires both parent/guardian and student signatures on the Student/Parent Application and Contract(Appendix 7, Alternative Means to Earn High School Credit). 

Option TeamA preliminary Option Pathway Team meeting is held before a student is selected to begin the Option Program to determine if this is an appropriate placement for the student. Option team members may include but are not limited to:

  • Career Tech Ed Principal

  • School counselor

  • CTE staff member

  • School principal

  • Option Pathway teacher

  • Special Education director/teacher if the candidate has an IEP 

The School-Based Assistance Team may be used to comprise the Option Pathway as long as the Option Pathway teacher and a designee from CTE are present when decisions are being made for the Option students.
Screening Process for the Option 1 Pathway Student

  • Counselor/instructor identifies student to the Option Pathway:

    • One (1) year or more behind ninth grade cohort, or

    • At-risk of dropping out of school, or

    • Age inappropriate according to grade level

  • With approval from parent/guardian (see Parent Permission for Student TABE Testing, Appendix 1, Alternative Means to Earn High School Credit, the student takes the TABE and scores the following recommended levels:

    • 8th grade level in reading

    • 7th grade level in math

  • The Option Team meets to discuss placement of student into the Option Pathway and if they are placed, a meeting is held with the student and the parent/guardian (see Parent/Student Contract, Alternative Means to Earn High School Credit, Appendix 7). 

  • Academic, attendance, and behavioral expectations are discussed.

  • Parent/Student Contract is signed (see Student/Parent Application and Contract, Appendix 7, Alternative Means to Earn High School Credit)

  • The student is required to take any grade-level assessments required by the state.

  • Students may not be taken out of the participation numbers.

Contact Information:


Emily Chittenden, Option Pathway Instructor

[email protected]



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