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MIC Challenge Participants

In celebration of West Virginia Manufacturing Education Day, Explore the New Manufacturing has announced the completion of a Manufacturing Innovation Challenge, which teamed six Integrated Production Technology students from the Carver Career & Technical Center (Carver CTE) and NGK Spark Plugs USA Inc.  The challenge required the students to assist with the binding and cutting process with one of their product lines.

In preparation for the challenge, the students were given an in-depth virtual tour of NGK Spark Plugs’ Sissonville facility.  The tour included employee commentary about their jobs and why they chose to work in manufacturing.   The NGK team explained that the Manufacturing Innovation Challenge involved a device that attaches zip ties to an O2 sensor wiring harness but would not always pull tight and cut properly.

"Watching how these young men & women worked together as a team was motivating and inspiring. Each idea was absorbed by all and never dismissed as not being a possible solution. I am very proud of each of these students for working hard and using their skills to complete the challenge”, remarked William Carte, Sensor Manufacturing Assistant Supervisor for NGK Spark Plugs.

The challenge concluded with a team presentation, where the students explained how they reverse-engineered the process and determined that redesigning the process so that the ribbed side of the zip tie was placed down to avoid problems and increase productivity.  The team created a new part to automate this process with the zip tie in the new orientation. The student team estimates that implementing this change will decrease the number of slips by 84% and increase the number of parts completed by 10%.

Bruce Hamrick, Carver CTE Integrated Production Technology instructor, believes that his students gain valuable experience by working with manufacturers on a real-world challenge. “This project has benefitted the students (especially since they are seniors) to prove to themselves and others that they have learned the skills needed in the workplace and/or college. This has been a challenging year and by working on this real-world project and completing it proves that these students have met not only this MIC challenge but have worked through the pandemic and they are ready for their future”, said Bruce. Sarah Hampton, Carver CTE Math Instructor, added, “This project was beneficial to the students because it promoted critical mathematical thinking and genuine data analysis.  They were able to apply mathematic concepts that previously had only been studied with a textbook.”

“I am so impressed with the work the students created as well as the program initiative. It has made us at NGK Spark Plugs think of additional ways we can work together with local schools and organizations. I am looking forward to planning next year’s program, commented Nicholette Inman, Sr. Learning & Development Specialist of NGK Spark Plugs USA Inc.

Participating Carver CTE Students: Jacob Ball, Kyla Jolliffe, Gavin Myers, Matthew Shannon, Ryan Stilgenbauer, and Noah Townsend

NGK Spark Plugs Team Members: William Carte and Nicholette Inman



Dr. Kathy D’Antoni Receives Lifetime Achievement Award 

presentation to Dr. D'Antoni

The Explore the New Manufacturing Program announced today that Dr. Kathy D’Antoni has been presented a Lifetime Achievement Award for her dedication and leadership to West Virginia’s career technical education programs. D’Antoni, who retired in 2020 as the Associate State Superintendent over the Division of Technical and Adult Education, was instrumental in developing the state’s career and technical education, which has become a national model of success. 

“From the early days of our efforts to tell people about the good jobs and careers in manufacturing, we knew we needed to be on the same page as the educators in this state.  Dr. Kathy D’Antoni stepped forward to be our partner on the education side.  She has supported us and helped us understand how we could work with local schools to create a pathway to manufacturing careers.  Her efforts on behalf of career and technical education in West Virginia has been tireless,” shared Gary Clay, Board Chair of the West Virginia Manufacturers Association Educational Fund Inc. 

Dr. D’Antoni’s Lifetime Achievement Award announcement was part of May 10th’s West Virginia Manufacturing Education Day celebration and the launch of the 2021 Emerging Elite in Manufacturing and Outstanding Industry Educator Awards. “West Virginia’s manufacturing education is topnotch today in large part due to Dr. D’Antoni’s steadfast leadership and advocacy.  As we begin acknowledging the achievement of students and educators across the state, we are honored to recognize Dr. D’Antoni for her years of commitment and excellence,” stated Monica Cross, Explore the New Manufacturing Program Director. 

Dr. D’Antoni’s award was a special creation combining the talents of Carver Career and Technical Education Center students, Kyla Jolliffe and John Smith, and the West Virginia Wood Technology Center.  The award features an adult hand passing a gear into a child’s hand.  John Smith, graphic design student, explains the hands “symbolizes the instructor, who passes knowledge by leading; but also, the student, who follows by example.”



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