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The Graphic Design Honors course at the Carver Career Center offers students a comprehensive education in the principles and techniques of graphic design. Students will learn how to use Adobe programs, industry-standard software, and tools to create visually appealing designs for print and multimedia platforms. The course also emphasizes the development of creative thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as the ability to effectively communicate ideas through visual mediums. With a focus on hands-on learning and real-world projects, students will obtain certificates and certifications and create a strong portfolio that will give them the skills needed to succeed in a competitive and dynamic field. The program also provides opportunities for networking with industry professionals, giving students a head start in launching their careers in graphic design.

Students attending Carver Graphic Design are able to integrate a broad range of ideas within their assignments giving them academic freedom to create a resume and portfolio that they can be proud of to start a career of entrepreneurship or prepare them to further their education at a university or community college. 

Students will collaborate with secondary and adult programs located at Carver Career Center to create materials needed for various projects.  Some projects include logo design, posters, digital photography, large and small signage, banners, Flyers, t-shirt design, book and print production - and more.  

Adobe Illustrator (for logo-vector designs)
Adobe Photoshop (for editorial /digital - photo raster designs)
Adobe InDesign (for desktop publishing - book and editorial design)
Blender (3D printer program - a self-taught program)

PRSA Awards: Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)
with Coffman Collaborative and Belle Chemical
The Things We Make - Belle Chemical Coloring Book with Stickers

2023 PRSA Crystal Awards 
PRSA Crystal Award: Single Issue Publication
PRSA Best of West Virginia Tactic Category: 
Bronze Award - Single Issue Publication
PRSA Crystal Award: Community Relations Simulated Workplace Project
PRSA Best of West Virginia Campaign Category:
Gold Award - Community Relations Simulated Workplace Project

2023 PRSA Diamond Awards - Eastern Division   
(consisting of six states including: Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, western Pennsylvania, and West Virginia)

PRSA Diamond Award: Single Issue Publication
PRSA Diamond Award: Community Relations Simulated Workplace Project



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    Denise Dodson, Instructor

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