Application Process

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(Applying for Admission does not guarantee you will be accepted)

Application Process

If you have questions about a program please contact the program instructor. Contact information is found on the individual program pages. Some programs have additional applications that must be completed before acceptance into a program. Go to the individual adult program pages for additional applications and requirements.

1. Complete the adult application request form found above.
2. Complete the FAFSA for the current year of your start date, and submit Carver as your attending school. Carver’s FAFSA code is 014060. Website:
  •     Carver offers GRANT funding for those who qualify.
  •     Carver does not participate in Federal Student Loans and will not Certify a Federal Guarantee Loan.
  •     It is the student’s responsibility to obtain a private loan if necessary.
  •     On the FAFSA site, there is a Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) to obtain Federal tax information.
  •     Tax transcripts can be requested by calling 844.545.5640 or by visiting the local IRS Office: 161 Court Street, Charleston, WV.

3. Receive valid SAR (Student Aid Report) from FAFSA (Required before registering at Carver)

  •     This is the student’s responsibility and it takes 5-7 days from the date it is submitted online. 

The instructor will contact you to complete the application process for that specific program.

4. Have your original High School Diploma, GED and/or transcripts of previous credits sent to Carver or bring them on orientation day.  
5Take your program’s entrance exam and achieve the minimum score for entry or meet the individual program entry requirements.
6.Be accepted into the program.
7. Register in the Financial Aid office at Carver on Orientation Day.
  • Pay a $100 registration fee and a $40 application fee to Carver. (In many instances this will be covered by the Pell grant) (See your individualprogram webpage for additional fees).
  • Provide proof of Selective Service Registration Number (for males aged 18-25).
  • Provide photo ID.
8. Verify payment status with Financial Aid and make arrangements to pay any outstanding balance.
  • If a prospective student has a loan in default status, they may qualify for the FreshStart initiative in order to receive Title IV aid. If they do not qualify for Fresh Start, they will not be able to receive Title IV aid.  This will be discussed in the financial aid office on registration day.
  • Full-time programs have payment plans for students that are self-pay.
  • Part-time programs require full payment at registration if self-pay.
    *If you are a self-pay student, the only payments we accept are cash, check, or money order.
  • Exact payment amounts only (No change is available).
  • The first payment must be paid before the start of class.
9. Start class on the date specified by your program.
10. Maintain good academic, behavioral, and financial status.

Students may be removed from class for failure to maintain these standards.
  •      The academic standards of the school and your program.
  •     The attendance standards of the school and your program.
  •     The behavioral standards of the school and your program.
  •     The financial requirements of the school and your program.
  •     See the Carver Adult Student Handbook and your programhandbook for more information.

*If you have questions regarding financial aid, please call Carver and ask for the Financial Aid office at 348-1965 X106.

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