Financial Aid

Financial Aid

FAFSA (Carver's Code 014060)

Carver accepts Pell Grant funding to those students that qualify.
A completed FAFSA application must be submitted to Carver to check eligibility.

If a student has a loan in default status, you are not able to receive Title IV aid.
Once the default has been resolved, you may then be eligible.

US Department of Veteran Affairs
Veterans, please visit these sites for more information on benefits.

Financial Aid 101

Carver does not participate in Federal Student Loans.
Carver will not certify a Federal Guaranteed Loan.
It is the student’s responsibility to get a private loan if necessary.

Full-time programs have payment plans provided for a student that is a self-pay.
Part-time programs require full payment at registration if not eligible for grant funding.

If you are a self-pay student, the only payments we accept are cash, check, or money order.
The office does not have cash in the office, so please have the correct amount in cash when making a payment.

*If you have questions regarding financial aid, please see Tracy Vealey in the main office,
email or call 348-1965 X106

Net Price Calculator

The College Scorecard has links to help you find and pay for the school that is best for you.
College Scorecard


1. Entrance Exam and Registration Fees are non-refundable items.

2. Items charged to the student's account at the student's request, aside from charges for the course Tuition and Lab Fees,
are non-refundable. Non-refundable charges to the student's account may include, but would not be limited to: books,
supplies, equipment, contracted charges, insurance, certification fees, and club dues.

3. Tuition is charged by "period of enrollment," with Lab Fees assessed for the course during the first period of
enrollment, unless otherwise noted as a charge per period of enrollment. Periods of enrollment for Carver Career and
Technical Education Center courses are as follows:
Under 900 Hours: Course Length
1080 Hour Courses: 540 Hours
1200 Hour Courses: 600 Hours
1250 Hour Courses: 625 Hours
Cosmetologist Course: 1/2 Course Tuition fees as identified for 1st half/2nd half
Respiratory Therapy Course: 1/2 Course Tuition fees as identified for 1st half/2nd half
Veterinary Technician 1/2 Course Tuition fees as identified for 1st half/2nd half

4. Tuition and Fees will be adjusted on a percentage basis, based upon the scheduled number of hours for the
enrollment period* between the student's first day of class and the last date of attendance as follows:
From class start to the completion of 30 hours, including clinical hours, 10% of the tuition and lab fee will be charged;
After 30 hours to 120 hours, including clinical hours, 50% of the tuition and lab fee will be charged;
After the completion of 120 hours, no refund will be made.
* Respiratory Therapy and Veterinary Technology classes are 2-year programs - the enrollment period for each of these
classes is based upon Year 1 hours and Year 2 hours.

5. For Pell Grant recipients: In the event that there is a tuition and lab fee refund due from the school in excess of the
school's liability to the Federal Pell Grant Program, such a refund will be applied toward the satisfaction of a Student's
Federal Pell Grant liability before refunding directly to a student.

Warning: The Return of Federal Fund Policy requires that PELL funding be returned to the Department of Education on a percentage basis when the student withdraws from school prior to completing at 60% of each payment period. This policy results in the student owing the Department of Education PELL funds, regardless, of their liability to the school is satisfied or not. Students who withdraw and owe the Department of Education PELL funding are not eligible for further federal financial aid (at any institution) until they have repaid (or have made arrangements to pay) their liability to the Department of Education.
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